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Tetra Pak Spiroflo Tubular Juice Pasteuriser

What is Pasteurisation?
Liquid Milk or Fruit Juice (Either Blended or Fresh), is not quite safe for human consumption, as it is, in its raw state. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (, unpasteurised products are more likely to cause illness caused due to the consumption of unpasteurised products. Raw Milk or Juice & Blended Products contain certain harmful Bacteria like Campylobacter Bacteria, E. Coli & Listeria etc. These harmful bacteria can be eliminated by simply heating the raw product quickly to a very high temperature, usually called Paseurisation Temperature, holding the product at this Pasteurisation Temperature for a particular amount of time (Varies according to the product) and then cooled down quickly or rapidly.

The schematic shown on the left is of a Standard Tetra Pak Blended Juice Pasteuriser Plant, as shown on Tetra Pak's Orange Book. For more details, visit Tetra Pak's Website.

Types of Pasteurisers:
1) High Temperature Short Time Pasteuriser (HTST)
2) Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT)

Tetra Pak Spiroflo Tubular Juice Pasteuriser - Process Plant & Machinery

Process Plant & Machinery Ltd offers an Used Tetra Pak SpirofloTubular Juice Pasteuriser Plant, which was previoulsy used at a major multinational drinks & beverage & soft drinks manufacturing facility in the UK.

This Tetra Pak Spiroflo Juice Pasteuriser Plant was upgraded in the year 2014 and has been professionally dismanled and currently held in Lockerbie (Scotland, United Kingdon) and available for immediate sale & despatch.

This Tetra Pak Spiroflo Tubular Fruit Juice Pasteuriser was used in blended fruit juices, which is juices made from fruit juice concentrates.

This Used Tetra Pak Spiroflo Tubular Fruit Juice Pasteuriser Plant has a capacity of 13,500 LPH to 15,500 LPH and includes the following:
1) Tetra Pak Spiroflo Tubular Heat Exchanger with Holding Tubes - Year of Manufacture 2014
2) Tetra Pak Steam to Hot Water Set with Tetra Pak Braced Plate Heat Exchanger.
3) 1.5kw Alfa Laval LKH 10 Centrifugal Pump (YOM 2019)
4) 7.5kw Alfa Laval LKH Centrifugal Pump (YOM 2014)
5) 11kw Alfa Laval LKH 40 Centrifugal Pump (YOM 2014)
6) Pasteuriser Control Panel with Siemens S7 PLC (With soft copy of Software), ABB Chart Recorder & Danfoss Frequency Controlled Inverters for Speed Control of Pumps
7) Various Alfa Laval Pneumatic Actuated Valves
8) Samson Steam Control Valve
9) Interconnecting Pipework

To view Drawings & P&ID:

P&I Drawing - Click Here

3D Plant Layout - Click Here

Drawing of Plant Layout - Click Here

Plant Layout View Drawing - Click Here

For more details on this Used Tetra Pak Spiroflo Tubular Juice Pasteuriser Plant, available for immediate sale, click on the following link:


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