TP Scanima Mixers

Used Tetra Pak Scanima High Shear Process Mixers

The Tetra Pak Scanima Systems are used for producing: Dairy Products, Prepared Food, Baby Food, Convenience Food, Pre Spray Dried, Health Care, Cosmetic, Veterinarian, Dental, Technical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.
The Tetra Pak Scanima Systems technology gives optimal liquid/liquid, liquid/powder or liquid/solid mixing, with or without high shear mixing.
Products/ingredients homogenise, emulsify and disperse in a matter of a few seconds, even products with a very high total solids or very high viscosity. Particles can be blended gently into the product. All powder and additives can be drawn into the system by vacuum, and the product can be de-aerated. All these functions can be fully automated to suit the individual product and process.
The Tetra Pak Scanima system "All in one process" gives you:
Turbo Mixing, High Shear Mixing, Gentle Mixing, Blending, Homogenising, Emulsions, Pasteurisation, Dispersing, In-Direct Heating, Direct Heating, De-Aerating, Cooking & Cooling

Reference: Tetra Pak Scanima Almix - High Shear Process Mixers - The Tetra Pak Scanima Concept