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Miteco – Tetra Pak Sugar Blending System

Mixing Sugar in Drinks:

Mixing Sugar is quite popular in the drinks and fruit juice manufacturing sectors, where granulated sugar or liquid sugar is used to sweeten the product. This is due to the low sugar content in the fruit juice concentrates and when diluted in water, there is a requirement to maintain the sugar level to keep the product sweetened. Using granulated sugar in such a process poses a challenge of thoroughly mixing all the sugar granules and this process runs the risk of settlement of undissolved sugar. This results in varying sweetness in the product, as well as monetary loss. Hence, processes nowadays prefer mixing liquid sugar in the process, which is easy to mix and can be precisely added to the process to maintain uniformity in the product. This liquid sugar can also be dosed into the product at a constant rate.

Sugar Dissolving & Blending:

Sugar blending is a processing which is gaining popularity at a faster pace. Sugar blending onsite, gives the client more control on the concertation of the liquid sugar, as well as making huge cost savings, as it allows the client o purchase granulated sugar in bulk and then do the blending themselves onsite using a sugar blending system. This entire system can be automated in such a way that the sugar blending into liquid sugar is done seamlessly and continuous to meet the production capacity and rate.

Manufacturer of Sugar Dissolving & Blending System:

This Granulated Sugar & Citric Acid Dissolving System, offered by Process Plant & Machinery Limited, was manufactured by Miteco Process Systems (Switzerland), which is now part of Tetra Pak System, since their takeover in 2014. Miteco Process System (Switzerland) are market leaders in supplying the Dinks & Beverage sectors with individual and complete process systems. Some of the equipment they supply include Bulk Silos for Raw Ingredients, Conveying & Distribution of Dry Ingredients, Dissolving & Blending etc. To know more about Miteco Systems, Click Here.

Tetra Pak Miteco Constislov Sugar Blending Dissolving Plant

Process Plant & Machinery Ltd, currently offers a very sparingly used 15,000 LPH CS15CI Tetra Pak Miteco Constislov Sugar Dissolving & Blending System. This Tetra Pak Miteco Constislov Sugar Dissolving & Blending System was previoulsy used at a major multinational drinks & beverage processing & manufacturing factory's site in the UK and was used for Dissolving Granulated Sugar & Citric Acid, which are used in soft drinks production.

used mteco tetra pak contisolv sugar citric dissolving system (blog small)

It can be seen on the P&ID Drawing, that this Tetra Pak Miteco Sugar Blending & Dissolving Plant was fed from Bulk Silos, which were located outside the factory.

Also this Plant includes a Bulk 1 Tonne Bag Discharge Hopper with

Screw Feeder coupled with a Blowing Seal arrangement. This Tetra Pak Miteco Sugar Dissolving & Blending System, was manufactured & installed in 2009, but very sparingly used and immaculate in condition. It has been professionally dismantled and currently held at our facility in Lockerbie, Scotland and available for immediate sale & despatch.

This Tetra Pak Miteco Sugar Dissolving plant includes:

1) Miteco CS15CI Sugar Dissolving Blending Skid
2) Miteco Shell & Tube Tubular Heat Exchanger
3) Miteco Treated Water Pumps
4) Miteco Inline Intake Filter Assembly
5) Miteco Bulk Bag Discharge Station
6) Schmidt Plate Heat Exchanger
7) Robuschi Positive Displacement Blower
Also includes Various Pumps, Balance Tanks, Actuated Valves, Control Panel with Allen Bradley PLC, Frequency Controlled Inverters, Endress & Hauser Flowmeters, Maselli
Digital Refractometer, Steam Valves, Interconnecting Pipework etc.

For more details on this plant - Click Here

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