At Process Plant and Machinery Ltd, we offer various Aseptic & UHT Plants whihc include:

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UHT Process Plant
Aseptic Filling Machines
UHT Filling Machines
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Aseptic Dosing System

UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) treatment of Milk/Juice is achieved by subjecting the product to temperatures over 100 deg C and there after packing them in sterile air-tight packages (Aseptic Filling). This entire UHT process is done in a sterile environment. The entire UHT operation is performed as a closed loop system so as to avoid any contamination and thus Milk or Juice which is processed this way and subjected to UHT is said to have long shelf life (Extended Shelf Life products). Aseptic filling of product after UHT treatment is absolutely vital, so as to avoid contamination of the product.