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Used Processing lines, machines and plants for the food production and processing on the highest technological and technical level. Used STEPHAN Stephan machines offers the ideal solution for any type of applications involving soups, pasta sauces, rice, vegetables, dressings, baby-food, all types of both ready-made meals and processed cheese – and last not least meat/sausages. Small scale-machines belong to Used Stephan STEPHAN Universal Machines. They are all-purpose, robust and long lasting, easy to clean and multiple working steps can be carried out in one machine. It is ideal for use in all fields of food processing, e.g. dairy, convenience food, confectionary, meat and sausages.

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For higher capacities a wide range of machines are available like , STEPHAN Combitherm and STEPHAN Cook-It. The combination of the batch units STEPHAN Vacutherm and STEPHAN Cooking Mixer and buffer tanks including surrounding equipment - like metering systems - gives the required flexibility.