Aseptic Tanks

Aseptic Process Tanks

Used Aseptic Process Tanks

At Process Plant and Machinery Limited we offer various complete used Aseptic Process Tanks for both dairy & beverage industries...

Some of the popular brands we deal with are as follows:

Tetra Pak Alsafe Aseptic Process Tank
Stoke Aseptic Process Tank
Holvrieka Aseptic Process Tank
GEA Aseptic Tank
Alfa Laval SteriTank Aseptic Tank

Pasilac Aseptic Process Tank
Hackman Wedholms Aseptic Tank
Prominox Aseptic Tank

Some of the popular Aseptic Tanks we deal with are:

30,000 Ltr Prominox Aseptic Tank
7,000 Ltr Stainless Steel Aseptic Tank
16,700 Ltr GEA Aseptic Tank Complete With GEA Sterile Valve Block
2,000 Ltr Alfa Laval Aseptic Tank
15,000 ltr Stainless Steel Aseptic Tank
12,000 Ltr Alfa Laval Aseptic Process Tank
5,700 Ltr GEA Alhborn Aseptic Process Tank
30,000 Ltr Aseptic Tank
12,000 Ltr Pasilac Aseptic Process Tank
600 Ltr Alfa Laval Aseptic Tank
7,000 Ltr tetra Pak Tetra Alsafe Aseptic Tank
7,000 Ltr Hackman Wedholms Aseptic Tank
37,500 Ltr Holvrieka Aseptic Tank