Powder Blenders

Used | Refurbished Powder Mixers & Blenders

At Process Plant and Machinery Limited we offer various Powder Mixers & Blenders suitable for Solid-Solid Mixing, Solid-Liquid Mixing & Solid-Solid Blending for various industry sectors as shown below:

- Dairy Processing
- General Food Processing
- Confectionery & Bakery
- Drinks & Beverage
- Brewery
- Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic....

Some of the most popular types we deal with at Process Plant & Machinery Ltd are as follows:

- Inline High Shear Mixers
- Batch High Shear Mixers
- Low Shear Mixers
- Ribbon Blade Mixers
- Conical Mixers
- Z-Blade Mixers
- Interrupted Spiral Blade Mixer
- U-Trough Mixer

Some of the most popular brands we deal with at Process Plant and Machinery Ltd are:

- Winkworth U-Trough Blenders
- APV TPM Mixers
- Nauta Mixers
- Kemutec Gardner Blenders
- Pierre Guerin Inline Mixers
- Guttridge Screw Mixers / Conveyors
- Spiroflow Screw Mixers / Conveyors
- KEK Gardner Ribbon Mixer
- Gericke Nibbler Mixer