Industrial Sundries

Industrial Sundries & Miscellaneous Items

Used Industrial Sundries & Miscellaneous Items

At Process Plant and Machinery Ltd, we offer a wide range of used Industrial Sundries & Miscellaneous items as follows:

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial Steam Cleaners
Stainless Steel Tables
Stainless Steel Work Stations
Stainless Steel Hand Wash Stations
Stainless Steel Knee Operated Hand Wash Stations
Stainless Steel Hand Wash Stations
Stainless Steel Hose Reels
Stainless Steel Cupboards
Chemical Cupboards
Stainless Steel Knife Sterilisers
Elecrical Switchgear & Electical Switching Panel
Stainless Steel Insectocutors
Stainless Steel Bin Lifters
Stainless Steel Barrel Lifters
Reel Lifters
Industrial Space Heaters & Heater Fans

500kg Stainless Steel Mobile Tipping Skip
Stock Code: 7570
Quantity available: 3
Quantity sold: 3
~30m Fire Hose Real with wall mount
Stock Code: 5328
Quantity available: 9
Quantity sold: 6
Stainless Steel Operator Desk
Stock Code: 4937
Quantity available: 2
Quantity sold: 8
~15m Reelcraft Hose Reel
Stock Code: 5629
Quantity available: 2
4kw Hydraulic Power Pack
Stock Code: 6766
Quantity available: 1
Stainless Steel Floor Stand Single Bucket Sink
Stock Code: 6879
Quantity available: 2
Quantity sold: 1
Tetra Pak Paper Reel Trolley
Stock Code: 7733
Quantity available: 1
Quantity sold: 1

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