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60,000 Ltr Ritter Tetra Pak Systems Aseptic Process Steri Tank

Aseptic Processing:

Aseptic Processing is commercially sterilising the product, which could be Milk or Juice, using high heat, usually by steam. This process is also called UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment), which is sterilising the product by direct or indirect steam. This sterilised product is then stored in an Sterile Tank, before being filled into sterilised containers or packs or bottles. This is done so, to get an extended shelf life for the product, without having to keep the product refrigerated.

Aseptic Process Tank (or) Steri Tank:

After the product, either Milk or Juice, is Ultra Heat Treated (UHT), this sterile product has to be held in a hygenic tank, which is sterilised and which has a steam barrier. This is to prevent the product to get contaminated, in order to preserve its sterility to get the maximum shelf life out of it. To achieve this, as Aseptic Process or Steri Tank is used, as a sterile header tank, where the sterilised product is held in a sterile environment, before making it way to the aseptic filler.

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