Positive Pumps

Positive Displacement Pumps

At Process Plant and Machinery Limited we offer various types of New, Used & Refurbished Positive Displacement Pumps. All Positive Displacement Pumps have an expanding or varying cavity which helps with the pumping action. They have an expanding cavity on the sucion side and a decreasing cavity on the discharge side which helps pump products/liquids through it. Positive pumps are very popular among various industry sectors and have particular use in pumping thick & viscous products. The various types of Positive Displacement Pumps that we offer at Process Plant and Machinery Limited are as follows:

1) Rotary Lobe Pump
2) Rotary Gear Pump
3) Diaphragm Pumps
4) Sine Pumps
5) Tri-Clover Lobe Pumps
6) Piston Pumps
7) Mono Pumps
8) Vane Pumps
9) Paddle Pumps
10) Peristatic Pumps etc...

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