Evaporator & Dryer

Used Evaporators & Spray Dryers

At Process Plant and Machinery Limited we offer various complete used Evaporator & Spray Drier (Dryer) plants.

Evaporator & Spray Drier (Dryer) plants such as Falling Film, Rising Film, Forced Circulation, Plate, Thermal and Mechanical Vapor Recompression Evaporators for the dairy sector to be used for the following:

Whole Milk Powder Production
Skimmed Milk Powder Production
Semi-Skimmed Milk Powder Production
Whey Powder
Evaporated Milk etc...

Some of the popular brands we deal with are as follows:

GEA Evaporator, Niro Evaporator & Spray Drier | Scheffer | APV Invensys | De Laval | Alfa Laval | Tebel/Van-der-ploeg Skim Milk Evaporator Plant | Laguilharre Skim Milk Evaporator Plant | Niro Atomisers and many more...


Evaporation is a process by which liquid (Usually Milk or Whey) is heated from the surface upto its boiling point. As the process of Evaporation takes place from the surface, it usually takes a long time. This the liquid is subjected to forced circulation evaporators where the liquid (Usually Milk or Whey) is forced upwards through various tubes where on the external of the tubes very high temperature is applied usually by using steam.


Spray Drying is the process involving changing the state of a product (Usually liquid) to a solid state (Usually powder), by spray the liquid product on to a very hot the hot drying medium, which is usually done continuously as a single step process.