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8136 Tetra Spiraflo Cm70 Shell In Tube Heat Exchanger 1

Tetra Pak Tetra Spiraflo CM70/4x20C-6 Shell-in-Tube Tubular Heat Exchanger This is a Never Used Tetra Pak Tetra Spiraflo CM70/4x20C-6-2/1 Shell-in-Tube Tubular Heat Exchanger, which is Designed to Heat an Incoming Soya Based Product from 5degC to 52degC Using Hot Water at 63degC at a Rated Capacity of Approx. 3,400 LPH, this consists of 25x Shell-in-Tube Heat Exchanger Units each with 4x 20mm Tubes, currently held in stock at Lockerbie, Scotland and is available for IMMEDIATE SALE...


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