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1,200 Ltr APV Flex-Mix Liquiverter Semi-continuous Mixer (Vacuum Application)

500 Ltr APV Flex-Mix Liquiverter (Liquifier) Semi-continuous Mixer (Vacuum Application) This APV Invensys TB+500 Flex-Mix Liquiverter system is designed for semi continuous mixing & vacuum applications and was previously used at a major soft drink manufacturing facility. The main Liquiverter vessel has a volume internal volume of 1,200ltr and the recommended batch volume is about 500 Ltr or more, depending on the actual product & mix operation/process. It comes with a 18.5kw high shear bottom entry mixing drive, which creates a vortex inside the tank while the mixing is taking place. There is a powder hopper mounted on load cells, which feeds in the powder that needs to be mixed in the liquid. Also along with the plant there is a TEKFA bag emptying unit which has the vibrators to ease with the emptying operation. The control panel for the Flex-Mix plant includes an Allen Bradley PLC with PanelView display and inverters for the drives.


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